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English For You - Elementary Level Lesson 30

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Pelajaran ini berjudul: Review lesson 19 to 27 (durasi: 00:54:26).

Disini kita belajar:
-  Vocabulary.
  o Ingredients,double dekker bus, concierge.
-  Passive.
  o The object in the active sentence->the subject in the passive sentence.
  o To be + Past Participle (Simple Present & Simple Past).
  o Transitive verb used are used in the passive.
  o Intransitive verb: to come, to go, to rain, to sit, to sleep.
- Prepositions to show movement: along, over, up, down.
- Polite Question: would, could, can, please.
- Direct Question/Indirect Question (Do you know if...?).
- Gerunds (Ing form of a verb).
  o Verb + Gerund.
  o Preposition + Gerund.
  o Gerund as the subject.
- Another (one more), the other (the last one).
- So(so+auxiliary+S), too(S+auxiliary+too), either(S+auxiliary+either), neither(niether+auxiliary+S).
- Say (we don't have to refer to the listener)/ tell (include the listener).
- Tag Question.
  o Main Verb is positive-> Tag Question is negative.
  o Main Verb is negative-> Tag Question is positive.
  o Let's -> shall we?.
- Simple Present Perfect.
  o is used to express an activity that begun at unspecify time in the past..
  o Already, yet, just.
- Too much(noncount noun)/ too many(count noun).
- Indirect Question (can you, could you, would you).
- Past Continuous Tense.
  o Expresses an activity that was a progress at certain point in the past or at the time of another action).
  o Was/were/wasn't/weren't+Ing verb.
- Time Clauses (before, after, until, when, while(continuous tense)).

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