Senin, 26 November 2012

English For You - Elementary Level Lesson 29

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Pelajaran ini berjudul: Review lesson 10 to 18 (durasi: 00:44:55).

Disini kita belajar:
- Vocabulary (Casserole, platter, wok).
- Modals-Helping Verb (ability, possibility, suggestion, necessity).
  o Can, Should (it's good idea), may, might, must/have to (important/necessary).
- Comparatives (than used between the comparisons)
  o Regular (er(1-syllable), more(2+-Syllables), y->ier,).
  o Irregular (good-better, bad-worse), more<>less.
- Superlatives (express highest degree)
  o Regular (est(1-syllable), most(2+-Syllables), y->iest,), 
  o Irregular (good- the best, bad-the worse), the most<> the less.
- There is/there are (to express something is exist), can be in negative or question form.
- Some (positives), any (negatives & questions): count/non count nouns.
- Can/would (polite question).
- Imperatives (an order or command)
  o Sequence words (show order: first, second, next, finally).
- Simple Past (started and finished in the past)
  o Regular (ed), irregular (run- ran, bring- brought, do- did).
  o Used to (actions or situations in the past that are no longer true).
- Quantifiers (show quantity/amount).
  o Much, little, a lot of, a few, all, most.
- Hope (possibility-reality)/wish (not likely, no/little possibility-not reality)-past tense (to be=were).

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