Senin, 19 November 2012

English For You - Elementary Level Lesson 22

Watch on line dari Youtube:

Pelajaran ini berjudul: Dining Out (durasi: 00:53:38).

Disini kita belajar:
-  Restaurant / recipes.

  o Vocabulary (skewer, meat, chicken, fish, shish kebab, paella, lasagna, vegetables, pasta, oven, berbeque, bake, roast, boil, fry, starter, appetizer, main course, dessert, steak, chocolate cake, grilled fish, fruit salad, roast chicken, pizza, ice cream, soup, prawn cocktail, red wine, fruit juice, beer, milk, milkshake, mineral water, ).
-  Preferences.
  o So, too, either, neither. 
  o Prefer to (prefer+noun/ gerund+noun/ gerund/ infinitives/ not+infinitives).
  o Would rather than (or)/ would rather not.
  o Agree with the idea (Me too, so+auxiliary verb+I).
  o Negative agreement (I+auxiliary verb+not+either, neither+auxiliary verb+I).
  o Agree: Oh!, I do (am, can, have, will, would), Really! I do (am, can, have, will, would).
  o Disagree: Oh!, I don't (am not, can't, haven't, won't, wouldn't), Really! I don't (am not, can't, haven't, won't, wouldn't).

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