Rabu, 14 November 2012

English For You - Elementary Level Lesson 17

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Pelajaran ini berjudul: Future Life (durasi: 00:50:09).

Disini kita belajar:
-  Space & Technology.
  o Will & Going to (invent new machines, discover medicines, live on the moon, use internet, clone people & animal, travel to other planet)
  o Plan/Intention, prediction, promise, decision at time of speaking, polite question, certain future,etc (Present Future Tense).
  o Soon, (later) this afternoon, (later) this evening, this weekend, tonight, tomorrow, next week, in a couple of days, in a week, within 1 day, one day, etc (Present Future Tense).
  o Scientist, science, space station, invention, machine, discovery, medicine, space travel, robot, astronaut, planet, satellite, etc (vocabulary)
-  Noun.
  o Countable noun: nouns that can be counted (this noun can be plural (regular/irregular)).
  o Uncountable noun: nouns that can't be counted (space, traffic, fuel, water, air, information etc).
  o All, most, a lot of/lots of, many/much, some/any, a few/a little, few/little, none/no one (vocabulary).

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