Selasa, 20 November 2012

English For You - Elementary Level Lesson 23

Watch on line dari Youtube:

Pelajaran ini berjudul: What are your job skills? (durasi: 00:51:32).

Disini kita belajar:
-  Occupations (abilities and skills).
  o Carpenter (hammer, nails, saw, screws, screwdriver), plumber, electrician, veterinarian, janitor (mop, bucket, broom), trainer, seamstress (needle, thread, sewing machine).
  o Can (could)/to be able to (ability).
-  Present Continuous Tense (action in progress->is/are+verb+ing).
  o Non action verbs/state verbs (like, love, hate, want, need, prefer, know, understand, believe, remember, seem, etc).
-  Gerund (verb+ing->noun).
  o Verb followed by Gerund: be afraid of, be excited about, feel like, be good at, be interested in, thank someone for, be tired of, etc.

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