Minggu, 21 Oktober 2012

English For You - Lowest Level Lesson 29

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Pelajaran ini berjudul: Review II (Lessons 10 to 18 (durasi: 00:58:20).

Disini kita belajar:
- Time.
  o Prepositions (at, on, in)
  o Ordinal numbers.
  o Seasons/weather (adjectives/present continuous tense).
- Simple present (habits, routines, facts).
- Present continuous tense(action now).
- The body.
- Places.
  o Prepositions (at(special places/two lines meet), on(flat surfaces/lines), in(general/large places).
  o There is/there are.
- Article.
  o A/an (countable noun).
  o The (specific person, places, etc).

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